Practice Services

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Expeditor Services will accelerate your medical billing claims with a 99.99% accuracy on first claims submission. This integrated state of the art EHR/APP and billing solution is rolled into the services. All submissions are overseen by certified professional coders. Revenue Expeditor includes a seamless multipurpose suite of technological tools that increase productivity by at least 30% and reimbursements by over 15% while eliminating wasted time in coding and transcription. Our Service INCLUDES compliance reporting to maximize on your MIPS scores with a FREE real-time Dashboard.

Consultancy /EMR Optimization - $150/- per hour
Do you know your ‘Total Cost of Billing’ ?

Most clinics think it is between 4% to 7%. However once we have done our analysis, we have shown most clinics are above 15% with some even as high as 25%. If you are facing cash-flow issues, unable to meet key bills, payroll and other needs, you appear to be working harder, longer for less, then talk in confidence to one of our Experts. This is a FREE service and you can book your initial consult here.

IT Services
Managed IT Services from HIPAA compliant company. An hourly rate applies to resolve issues.